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July 1, 2014

Video: WDPB – Saralyn Cohen, Shearman & Sterling

Pro bono can help attorneys feel they are a part of a larger community, whether it’s in their firm or in their own neighborhood. This week, we hear from Saralyn Cohen, Pro Bono Counsel and Director of Pro Bono at Shearman & Sterling* as she describes the many benefits of doing pro bono.

denotes Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge® signatory
† denotes a Member of the Law Firm Pro Bono Project

June 2, 2014

Video: WDPB – Garth Meintjes, International Senior Lawyers Project

There are so many great reasons to do pro bono! This week, we hear from Garth Meintjes, executive director, International Senior Lawyers Project as he shares what he believes is the most important reason to do pro bono.

March 13, 2014

Video: WDPB – Annie Pineda, The Bronx Defenders

Pro bono gives lawyers an opportunity to think creatively and use problem-solving skills that they may not use in their everyday line of work. This week, we hear from Annie Pineda, pro bono attorney at The Bronx Defenders, as she explains why doing pro bono can be an eye-opening experience.

November 12, 2013

Video: WDPB – Allen Kato, Fenwick & West

We’ve all been beneficiaries of some kind of assistance, right? This week we hear from Allen Kato, associate at Fenwick & West*. Take a listen as Kato explains why he believes it is important for lawyers to  give back to the community.

* denotes a Signatory to the Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge®
† denotes a Member of the Law Firm Pro Bono Project

October 1, 2013

Video: WDPB – Ciro Colombara, Rivadeneira, Colombara, Zegers

We are always happy to hear from our pro bono friends in other countries! This week we hear from Ciro Colombara, partner at Rivadeneira, Colombara, Zegers in Santiago, Chile.  Colombara explains why he believes pro bono work can help attorneys gain exposure to the various issues in their communities.

September 3, 2013

Video: WDPB – David Stern, Equal Justice Works

Pro bono can be very rewarding and powerful for lawyers. This week we hear from David Stern, executive director of Equal Justice Works on why instilling certain values in young lawyers is so important.

July 22, 2013

Video: WDPB – Savaria Harris, Kirkland & Ellis LLP

Pro bono services are not only beneficial to clients; they are also beneficial to attorneys. This week we hear from Savaria Harris, partner at Kirkland & Ellis LLP*† on why she believes attorneys have an ethical obligation to pro bono, and how pro bono work can help sharpen their skills in various areas of practice.

June 24, 2013

Video: WDPB – Margaret Middleton, Connecticut Veterans Legal Center

Partnerships formed between public interest groups and law firms can be very beneficial to pro bono clients. This week we hear from Margaret Middleton, executive director of the Connecticut Veterans Legal Center as she explains the importance of the legal community taking on pro bono projects together.

May 6, 2013

Video: WDPB – Nicky Friedman, Allens

Most lawyers who dedicate a lot of their time to pro bono will tell you they do it because “it’s the right thing to do,” and we at The PBEye would have to agree.  Lawyers are gifted with a particular set of skills that are very useful to those in our communities and especially those who are disadvantaged and cannot afford legal aid.

This week we hear from Nicky Friedman, senior associate and national coordinator of pro bono and community programs at Allens, on why her firm believes it’s important to do pro bono.

September 17, 2012

VIDEO: WDPB – Thomas Sabatino, Walgreen Co.

Pro bono is an excellent opportunity for strengthening community. This week, Thomas Sabatino, general counsel of Walgreen Co.* shares with the PBEye why pro bono is a rewarding experience, regardless of one’s position within a participating corporation.

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