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Pro Bono As We See It
May 30, 2017

Leidos Takes the Pro Bono Plunge

In April, Leidos, Inc.** General Counsel Vince Maffeo, announced the launch of the legal department’s pro bono program to serve veterans, community nonprofits, and individuals in need.

Joining 167 other legal departments across the country, Maffeo signed the CPBO Challenge® statement, pledging to encourage and promote pro bono service in the Leidos legal department with an aspirational goal of 50 percent participation.

To kick off its pro bono initiative, the legal department hosted a department-wide legal ethics program presented by PBI President and CEO Eve Runyon and CPBO Director Tammy Sun on May 16 at Leidos’ offices in Reston, Virginia.

The program opened with a welcome by Leidos attorney Kristin Grimes, a member of the pro bono committee, who thanked Maffeo for his leadership and support of pro bono engagement. Runyon began by discussing the lawyer’s obligation to engage in pro bono service under the relevant rules as well as what kinds of service count as pro bono. Sun provided an overview of the various state rules that define the nature and scope of in-house counsel practice and how they impact pro bono practice for in-house counsel. The speakers also delved into common issues legal departments confront when engaging in pro bono matters, including insurance, the nature of the attorney-client relationship, potential conflicts of interest, and involving non-lawyer legal staff in pro bono.

The event gave members of the legal department an opportunity to ask questions, discuss the unique issues surrounding in-house counsel providing pro bono services, and consider how to address those issues in Leidos’ legal department.

In addition, the legal department pledged $10,000 toward pro bono efforts, donating $5,000 to the American Bar Association Veterans Claims Network. Another portion of the pledged funds will sponsor a CPBO Clinic in a Box® program where volunteers from the Leidos legal team will provide free legal advice to nonprofit clients.

To sponsor a pro bono ethics program or CPBO Clinic in a Box® program at your legal department or ACC chapter, please contact CPBO Director Tammy Sun.

** denotes a Corporate Pro Bono Challenge® signatory