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Pro Bono As We See It
March 21, 2013

Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge March Madness!

March is an exciting month for college basketball fans, but it’s also a high point for Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge® Signatories.  It’s the month for buzzer beaters and for Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge® reporting.  We hope you won’t just be filling out your brackets, but that you’ll also take some time to submit your firm’s electronic Challenge reporting form.  (Get it done now and you’ll have plenty of time to watch your favorite team play!)  The deadline for reporting is March 29.

This year we have decided to “go green” by adopting a user-friendly electronic reporting form, which we created with the generous assistance of our friends at Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP.  As an added feature, your firm’s prior year data will be displayed for reference and ease of comparison. Please assist us in communicating the good news about the work of law firms to our colleagues in the legal profession and to the public by your prompt submission of the electronic reporting form.  We also urge you to share your firm’s accomplishments and news with us.  Please contact Tammy Taylor with any questions.

Thank you to those who have already submitted their completed forms.  New firms with 50 or more lawyers are welcome to join the Challenge at any time of the year and are given a grace period before the reporting requirement kicks in.  Please contact Tammy Taylor for assistance in becoming a leader in law firm pro bono.

Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge March Madness