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Pro Bono As We See It
August 15, 2012

Survey Says . . . ?

It’s that time of year again for legal departments: survey time!  CPBO recently circulated its annual CPBO ChallengeSM Status Survey to the 113 Challenge signatories.  The survey asks basic questions about pro bono efforts as well as questions related to two prongs of the CPBO ChallengeSM Statement:  (i) participation in pro bono, both in the U.S. and abroad, and (ii) encouragement of outside law firms to join PBI’s Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge®The PBEye is eager to review the results once they are tallied.*

In addition, as part of its efforts to provide the most up to date information about in-house pro bono, CPBO circulated its second Benchmarking Survey to Challenge signatories and a number of other legal departments with formalized pro bono programs.  The Benchmarking Survey has a much broader scope and includes questions about program administration, policy provisions, partnerships, projects, and budgets.  Unlike the Challenge Status Survey, the Benchmarking Survey results are public.  The responses to the Benchmarking Survey greatly assist CPBO and others to understand leading practices and the current state of in-house pro bono.  See the 2010 Benchmarking Report for the results from the first Benchmarking Survey.

Thank you to all who have already responded.  For those who haven’t, don’t forget to put it on your to-do lists.  Responses are due by September 14.

* Individual responses are kept confidential; only information in the aggregate will be shared.