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Pro Bono As We See It
February 3, 2011

VIDEO: Using Pro Bono to Help Farmworkers

The PBEye recently had a chance to speak with Bruce Goldstein, executive director of the nonprofit Farmworker Justice, to learn about what the organization does and, of course, how pro bono attorneys can help. We learned some interesting information about the state of many farmworkers and what Farmworker Justice is doing to promote their interests. Among other things, the organization works to influence immigration policy to help undocumented workers attain legal immigration status, improve working wages and conditions, and build coalitions among pro farmworker organizations. And of course, Bruce mentions several ways in which pro bono attorneys assist.

PBI offers a number of services and resources to public interest organizations that are looking to partner with law firms and corporate legal departments to further their missions. More information is available here.

Coming March 3-5 is the PBI Annual Seminar and Forum on In-House Pro Bono, which offers sessions to law firms, legal departments, and public interest groups about how to collaborate on pro bono projects. Information on the Seminar/Forum is available here.