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Pro Bono As We See It
February 1, 2011

Pro Bono Support

The PBEye was delighted to hear that the folks over at ZyLab have launched a Pro Bono eDiscovery Services Program.  What’s particularly exciting about this announcement is that as law firms and legal departments step up, so do other segments of the legal community, including support companies like ZyLab.  Mary Mack, of ZyLab, said it best:

“Recent reports have indicated law firms and corporate legal departments dug deeper to increase their pro bono contributions over the last year. We are pleased to give clients the option to partner with an eDiscovery provider that has a similar mindset and dedication,” said Mary Mack, Esq., enterprise technology counsel for ZyLAB who joined ZyLAB, in part, because of its commitment to pro bono. “This gives law firms and legal departments additional resources for pro bono impact cases without breaking the bank.”

We couldn’t agree more!  How is your firm or legal department involved in pro bono?  Leave a comment and tell us about it!